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Vector International Academy- An International High School in Ljubljana - an IB World School


Vector International Academy is an independent international high school in Ljubljana. The programmes are accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, by the UK's Pearson Edexcel examination board, and by the Slovene Ministry for Education. The school is located within the highly academic and culturally rich environment of the St Stanislav's Institute in Ljubljana-Ĺ entvid, easily accessible from major highways and city bus lines.

The curriculum offered at VIA is unique in Slovenia and is an excellent academic preparation for any University - a combination of the international GCSE examinations in the first two years and the IB Diploma Programme in the last two years of the high school. Students typically study 9 international GCSE subjects that span languages, humanities, maths and sciences. This prepares students exceptionally well for the academically rigorous IB Diploma programme which provides students with a breadth and depth of educational experiences that allow them to develop into internationally-minded responsible global citizens.

Classes at VIA are small and allow for progressive pedagogical approaches, heavily based on positive and nurturing relationships between students and teachers. A long-term hiring strategy and a caring staff environment provide important learning stability.

Students can enter VIA in the first or the third year. Enrolment in the second year largely depends on the student's prior schooling.

Our combination of the International GCSE and IB Diploma Programme is excellent academic preparation for any University.  

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