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Act Easing Confiscation of Suspicious Assets Takes Effect


The lawfulness of assets will be established in a financial investigation which could go back for up to five years before the crime was committed.

The state prosecution will be able to initiate a financial inquiry on suspicion of unlawfully gained assets exceeding EUR 50,000.

The law also envisages criminal proceedings, temporary confiscation and asset foreclosure on suspicion of illegally gained assets that can for instance be based on tax information.

The suspects will have to prove that they have gained their assets lawfully or explain the disproportionate difference between their lawful gains and their assets.

Upon proving the confiscated assets' lawful origins, the suspects will get them back, according to the ministry. The law also envisages the sale of foreclosed assets.

The law, which was tabled by 38 deputies of the then coalition, was passed by parliament in October last year and came into force in November, after the National Assembly overturned the upper chamber's veto.

The National Council requested a constitutional review of the law, as MPs overturned the veto after the president had already dissolved the National Assembly, but the Constitutional Court okayed the law in April.


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