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Slovenian citizens advised to leave Ukraine


Ljubljana - The Foreign Ministry has advised Slovenian citizens against travelling to Ukraine due to the deteriorating security situation in the country. Citizens who are currently in Ukraine are meanwhile advised to "leave the country without hesitation in a safe manner".

The ministry said in a statement for the STA on Saturday that Slovenian citizens should "leave Ukraine with commercial flights or personal vehicles."

According to the ministry, there are between 70 and 80 Slovenian citizens in Ukraine. "These are mostly people who are married to Ukrainian citizens, so probably not all of them will leave Ukraine," it added.

Slovenia has thus joined the countries that, out of precaution due to a possible Russian invasion in Ukraine, have urged their citizens to leave the country as soon as possible.

The United States and the United Kingdom called on their citizens to leave the country on Friday, and Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain followed suit today.


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