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Janša expresses support for territorial integrity of Ukraine


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša said on Saturday that Slovenia was monitoring with concern the concentration of the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. He spoke on the phone with Ukrainian counterpart Denis Shmygal to "express support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and the right of every country to choose its alliance."

Janša also said on Twitter that he and Shmygal had agreed that Janša would visit Ukraine by the end of this month.

"By supporting Ukraine, the EU and NATO are not only protecting the friendly country, but also the very foundations on which both alliances are built," the Slovenian prime minister added.

"The threat alone of the use of force by the Kremlin is causing great economic damage to Ukraine and beyond, so immediate de-escalation is needed," Janša also said.

This comes after the Foreign Ministry advised Slovenian citizens who are currently in Ukraine to "leave the country without hesitation in a safe manner". Those who plan to travel to Ukraine were advised against travelling to the country.

Slovenia has thus joined the countries that, out of precaution due to a possible Russian invasion in Ukraine, have urged their citizens to leave the country as soon as possible.


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