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Pahor calls for peaceful solution to crisis in Ukraine


Frankolovo - President Borut Pahor called for a peaceful solution to the crisis in north-eastern Europe, saying that peace should be protected and everything should be done for dialogue to continue, as the addressed a memorial ceremony in Frankolovo on Saturday.

After laying a wreath at the monument to the Frankolovo victims, the president addressed the ceremony, calling for peace, tolerance and coexistence.

According to Pahor, this is the only way for eliminating the fear that the ongoing peaceful period in Europe and the world would end abruptly.

He expressed readiness as the president of the republic to "solve this problem as part of the Western world through dialogue".

"Today, more than ever, everything must be done to find in a peaceful way and in dialogue a solution for the crisis, which seems to be happening on the eve of something terrible," the president said.

He added that Slovenia wanted to believe the high representatives of the Russian Federation that they had no intention of attacking the neighbouring Ukraine in any way.

"Today, it is all the more important to tell ourselves and everyone that peace is not self-evident and that effort for peace should be made always and everywhere," Pahor added.

The president also thanked all the people who take care of the monument and come and pay their respects to the victims of the "war tragedy, bring a message of peace and preserve the culture of remembrance."

The ceremony was held to remember 100 political prisoners aged 16 to 64 who were killed by the Nazis on 12 February 1945 as retribution for the death of Celje district head Anton Dorfmeister, a local Nazi official.


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