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Reporter says volume of fake news rising ahead of election


Ljubljana - The volume of fake news is increasing as the general election is approaching, notes the weekly Reporter in its latest editorial, adding that right-wing parties are known to blame their failures on conspiracy theories. Slovenia is not the US, but it is not impossible someone would follow the example set by former US President Donald Trump.

"Leading Slovenian parties have never truly problematised election results so far, at least as far as vote counting went," says Reporter, highlighting that the situation has changed though.

This year, the head of the National Electoral Commission is being targeted by allegations of his alleged bias. Attempts to discredit him are a way "to lay the groundwork for a potential chaos after the election".

Conspiracy theories with recurring motifs are used by the right to distort the strength and influence of left-wing parties and left-leaning media, and this year it seems that these narratives will also include election fraud.

Taking a look at the situation in the US, it seems that Trump will never admit his election defeat. "Slovenia is not the US, but it is not impossible that someone would follow Trump's example," concludes the commentary under the headline Campaign of Lies.


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