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Ministry sees no need to adapt electoral law to Covid


Ljubljana - The Public Administration Ministry has dismissed calls for changing electoral law by saying the existing legislation allows for a democratic, transparent and inclusive election even in the current state of the Covid epidemic.

In a press release on Friday, the ministry noted that the National Electoral Commission had been in consultations with the National Institute of Public Health, the responsible ministries and the Covid-19 task force to find ways to organise the 24 April election in compliance with the valid legislation.

The ministry does not think electoral changes are required or advised. It invokes the recommendation by the European Commission for Democracy through Law, also known as the Venice Commission, that electoral law should not be changed at a time of election. This should allow the voters "to suitably prepare to exercise their voting right".

The ministry says it goal is for the elections to be transparent, democratic and inclusive as well as safe both for voters and members of electoral committees and commissions.

The National Electoral Commission is yet to set the rules for the infected voters who will be self-isolating at the time around the election day. The commission has said it will issue its decision on the matter at least 25 days ahead of the general election.


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