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Slovenia's GDP per Capita Down to 85% of EU Average


On the list, Slovenia stands behind Cyprus (99% of the EU-27 average) and Greece (90%), and before Malta (83%), the Czech Republic and Portugal (both 80%).

Among European countries, the 2010 GDP per capita by PPP was highest in Luxembourg (271% of EU average), Norway (181%) and Switzerland (147%), and the lowest in Albania (28%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (31%) and in Serbia (35%).

In comparison to neighbouring countries, Slovenia performed better than Croatia (28% higher GDP per capita by PPP) and Hungary (24%), but the country's figure was lower than that of Italy (19%) and Austria (48%).

The prices of goods in Slovenia compared to neighbouring countries were lowest for potato, milk chocolate and local bus tickets. Prices were relatively low compared to other countries for eggs and white sugar.

Compared to neighbouring countries, Slovenia had high prices of wheat flour, butter, extra virgin olive oil, daily newspapers, a cup of coffee in a cafe and women's hairdressing.


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