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Slovenian artwork included in first space exhibition


New York - Slovenian artist Eva Petrič has contributed two miniature artworks to the first space exhibition at the International Space Station (ISS). Miniature works by 65 artists from around the world, including Petrič, will reach the ISS onboard am Antares rocket, which is scheduled to launch from Virginia today.

The project dubbed Moon Gallery, a cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), was presented at the Time Arts Gallery in New York's West Village on Wednesday with Petrič among the participating artists.

"Reaching low Earth orbit on our way to the Moon is the first step in extending our cultural dialogue into space," Bernard Foing, the head of the Moon Gallery foundation and the head of the project, told the New Your Times, which reported on the project this week.

According to him, the selected artworks reflect on important values for humanity not just on Earth but also in the future multi-planetary society.

Artists were asked to make miniature projects, the size of one cubic centimetre to be placed in a small box.

Petrič contributed her Earthling Tattoo Seal in plexiglass and DBE - Message from Earth in a clay cube, a cooperation with designer Mateja Š. Dimic.

Other art pieces include a magnet, photograph, images of hair DNA cells and a kidney stone decorated with jewels.

The items will be used in various experiments on the ISS.

According to NASA, the Moon Gallery project will also include taking photographs and videos with a new camera that will be used on space platforms in the future.


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