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Večer says politics remains a problem in China


Ljubljana - The newspaper Večer comments on the Beijing Olympic Games in Monday's commentary entitled Chinese Games, saying that they brought the country the necessary infrastructure to become a skiing nation and Covid restrictions worked. Even environmentally, the country has set high standards. But politics remains a problem, the paper says.

In Chongli, a ski jumping, biathlon and cross-country skiing centres were built, in Yanqing a new centre for Alpine skiing.

With the existing facilities in Beijing that were built for the Summer Olympics and adjusted to the new purpose, China now has all the infrastructure that was missing seven years ago when its president decided the Chinese will become a skiing nation.

The Olympics were organised under severe Covid restrictions and whoever entered the Olympic bubble healthy, existed it healthy as well. In the last days of the game, no infections were recorded among participants.

"The Chinese also provided for first-rate environment protection. Hydrogen buses, planting a million spruces, pine trees and birches, and all the energy required for the games coming from renewable energy sources. They set norms for the games that will not be easy to meet to future organisers.

"Still, Beijing will not be remembered only by superlatives. The politics saw to that. China is not a country of human freedoms and this is evident despite the fences that have been erected."

Even guests could see the way the Chinese system works - measures are adopted at the highest level and they are non-debatable.

"In China there is but one truth and it is concentrated around the ideas of the Communist Party," Večer says, adding that whoever falls into disfavour with the Chinese is not in for anything good in Asia and wider.


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