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FM Logar on Ukraine crisis: Only a set of bad options remains


Paris/Ljubljana - By recognising the independence of breakaway regions Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, Russia has violated international law and principles, Foreign Minister An┼że Logar said in a statement on the sidelines of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday. "Now we're left with only a set of bad options," he added.

The EU, "together with its partners in the diplomatic offensive, wanted to prevent such a situation from arising, but unfortunately, in the light of developments, it has to take further action," said Logar at the start of the meeting.

He stressed that Slovenia will advocate a very strict approach when it comes to sanctions against Russia to deter further destabilisation of the situation and encourage a return to the status quo ante.

The Slovenian diplomacy and the Foreign Ministry also have a plan in place to ensure security of diplomats in their network of diplomatic and consular missions, and if needed, this process will be initiated.

During the debate, Logar also stressed the need to give Ukraine a clear European perspective, a press release by the ministry reads.


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