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Parties to Get Less Funds from Budget


The cut is much lesser than initially proposed by the Government Secretariat, which first suggested reducing the funding for the parties by around EUR 80,000 a month.

The Secretariat tabled a new proposal under which the funding would be cut from EUR 224,016 to EUR 199,965 a month, because "the payment of the cost of election campaign is expected to be realised at the beginning of next year".

If the proposal is also endorsed by the National Assembly, the biggest parliamentary faction, opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) will get EUR 55,023 a month from July to December.

The coalition Democrats (SDS) can expect to get EUR 50,712 a month, the opposition Social Democrats (SD) EUR 21,563, the coalition Citizens' List (VL) EUR 17,569, Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) EUR 14,966, People's Party (SLS) EUR 14,706, and New Slovenia (NSi) EUR 11,070 a month.

Budgetary funds also go to the non-parliamentary National Party (SNS), Liberal Democrats (LDS) and Party of Sustainable Development (TRS). The SNS is to get 5,338, the LDS 4,744 and TRS 4,273 euros a month.


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