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Mega Happening in Novo mesto to Celebrate Avant-Garde Poets


The Man with Bombs, a "music-theatre detonation" dedicated to Slovenian 20th century avant-garde poets Anton Podbevšek and Srečko Kosovel, is the largest Novo mesto event organised as part of Maribor's stint as the European Culture Capital, and will cost more than EUR 200,000.

Taking place on the eve and first night of the Rock Otočec festival, the event is about the detonation of Siddharta triggering and articulating a duel between the thoughts and aesthetics of Podbevšek and Kosovel, director Matjaž Berger told the press on Monday.

This development is accompanied by performers, intermedia artists and athletes commenting on the period following post-modernity and looking for a new area and the status of elites vs. the masses, Berger added.

Popular Slovenian rockers Siddharta will embellish their usual set with electronic and digital musical equipment, two opera singers, a strings section and a choir.

The head of the Rock Otočec festival Franci Kek expressed satisfaction that the Novo mesto-based theatre is being involved in the project and that the decision was made to present quality Slovenian culture instead of importing a foreign project.


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