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Calls to Ukraine made free as charities raise funds


Ljubljana - Slovenian charities have launched fund-raising campaigns to help the people of Ukraine in the wake of Russian invasion and telecommunication providers have made some services such as calls to Ukraine free.

A1, Telemach, Telekom Slovenije and T2 have decided to ease communication with acquaintances in Ukraine by making some of their telecommunication services, including calls, free of charge over the next few weeks.

"We live in a time when more than ever it is more important to be able to connect with our loved ones. That is why we have made it possible to make free mobile and landline calls to and from all mobile and landline networks in Ukraine, as well as mobile data in Ukraine for the next month," A1 Slovenija said on its Facebook profile.

"Telemach is making it possible to make free mobile and landline calls to and from all and mobile landline networks in Ukraine until 10 March," Telemach said on Facebook in what it said was a sign of solidarity with the people of Ukraine and to ease their customers communication with relatives, friends and partners in Ukraine.

T2 is making calls from mobile and landline networks to Ukraine free until 10 March and Telekom Slovenije until 15 March.

Meanwhile, Slovenian Caritas and Slovenian Red Cross opened special accounts for people to make donations for the people of Ukraine, calling on everyone who can to make a contribution.

The charities will transfer the funds to their respective parent organisations to help the people affected by military aggression by providing them with food, drinking water, safe accommodation and personal care necessities and get vulnerable people safe transport to safe areas.

Those wishing to donate can do so by making a transfer the Slovenian Caritas via the bank account SI56 0214 0001 5556 76 and reference number SI00 870, or Red Cross at SI56 0310 0111 1122 296, reference number SI00 96889.

Alternatively, donations of EUR 5 can be made by sending a text message KARITAS5 via Caritas or BEGUNCEM5 via red Cross to 1919. A one-euro donations can be made by sending the SMS BEGUNCEM.

The Slovenian Red Cross has already approved a transfer of EUR 10,000 to Ukraine from its solidarity fund.

Both charities joined their parent organisations in expressing concern about the safety of the civilian population, calling for civilians and civilian infrastructure to be spared in the attacks.


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