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Koper winery entering African market


Koper - The Vinakoper winery sent its first shipment of top quality wine to Ghana on Tuesday in what is a major step towards the planned expansion in the African market. The Koper-based winery intends to gradually enter other African countries as part of long-term cooperation with the company M&J Papala.

In recent years, Vinakoper has significantly increased exports and has been focussing on entering new markets.

Apart from exports to Slovenia's neighbouring countries and other EU countries, the winery has been selling its wine mostly to Asian markets, especially Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan.

The first container ordered by Ghana is the first shipment of Slovenian wines to the African country, which is considered a good point of entry on the West African market.

Currently the wine market there consists of around 30% of imports, mainly from France, South Africa, Italy and Chile.

Vinakoper CEO Borut Fakim said the first package of wines would be a test of the new environment, so a very diverse selection of top quality still and sparking wines had been sent to the country, which were expected to go very well with local culinary specialities.


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