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TV Slovenija news programme gets new editor-in-chief


Ljubljana - Jadranka Rebernik has been appointed the full-fledged editor-in-chief of TV Slovenija's news programme for four years after serving as acting editor for a few months in the wake of Manica Janežič Ambrožič's resignation in mid-October.

RTV Slovenija director general Andrej Grah Whatmough appointed Rebernik on Friday, while the staff endorsed her rival Mitja Prek, the MMC news portal reported.

The staff's vote was over 82% for Prek, former editor of correspondents at TV Slovenija, and almost 22% for Rebernik, as they could vote for one of them or for both.

Before the vote, the staff asked the pair whether they would withdraw in case they failed to receive majority support. Prek said he would, Rebernik said she would not.

Editors-in-chief at RTV Slovenija are appointed or dismissed by the director general upon proposal by the director of the broadcaster's radio or TV arm.

TV Slovenija's acting director Valentin Areh told the STA that he had proposed both candidates to the director general for appointment.

Journalist Igor E. Bergant meanwhile told the STA that the staff would challenge Rebernik's appointment as part of established internal procedures, which also involve the programming council. "The manner in which Rebernik was appointed is not the manner in which the editor-in-chief should be appointed."

Janežič Ambrožič stepped down because she disagreed with changes to the 2022 production plan for TV Slovenija's news programme, but stayed on as acting editor-in-chief until Rebernik's appointment in December.

The public broadcaster said at the time that the changes were necessary because of a lack of staff and a drop in ratings of news shows.


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