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Zorčič attends informal meeting of EU speakers


Brussels/Ljubljana - Parliamentary Speaker Igor Zorčič took part in an informal meeting of EU speakers hosted by European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, which was also attended by Ukrainian Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk. "The battle for Ukraine is a battle for our values as well," said Zorčič.

Following addresses by Metsola, who said the support of national parliaments was crucial for the EU's unity and aid to Ukraine, and Stefanchuk, who called for further support and solidarity with Ukraine, Zorčič said the Slovenian National Assembly was abolishing a group of friendship with Russia to show solidarity with Ukraine.

A declaration on the situation in Ukraine is also in the parliamentary procedure, he said, noting that the National Assembly had thus joined the calls for and expressions of solidarity with Ukraine.

With the declaration, the National Assembly will formally condemn Russia's aggression and its recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine as well as Belarus's cooperation in the Russian attack.

It will also express solidarity with the Ukrainian nation and uphold international sanctions against Russia. The emergency session is scheduled for Wednesday.

Zorčič personally invited the Ukrainian speaker to a conference of speakers of EU countries which the Slovenian parliament will host at the end of March and which will also discuss the situation in Ukraine.


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