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Priest's comment on women in sports named most sexist statement


Ljubljana - Andrej Vončina, a priest and secondary school teacher, has been given the Silver Thistle for the most sexist statement of 2021/22 for a comment on women in professional sport.

Vončina made the statement on 17 February 2022 for the weekly Reporter. He said that "professional sport diverts women from their mission while their biological clock is ticking. Professional sports also has many damaging factors that destroy women. It is similar in other areas as well. Heritage is not to be ignored and it says exactly where a woman can reach her full potential and where she is free."

The statement reveals how narrow-minded its author is, reducing women to their reproductive function and paradoxically claiming that women will be free only if they limit themselves in making decisions, said the organisers, the gender issues portal and the organisers of the feminist and queer festival Red Dawns.

Sexist statements had been collected all year, with the public nominating statements published in various media and on social networks.

A total of 13 statements were shortlisted and put to an online vote between 21 February and 4 March. 552 people cast their vote.


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