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Janša says Slovenia to reach development peak under SDS leadership


Ljubljana - The ruling Democrats (SDS) marked its 33rd anniversary on Saturday. On the occasion, the party's head and PM Janez Janša said that under the leadership of the SDS, Slovenia would in a few years' time be among the most developed countries in the world. He noted that the developments in Ukraine would decide the future of Europe and its neighbourhood.

The event also marked the 90th anniversary of the birth of Jože Pučnik, a politician and intellectual who played a key role in Slovenia's independence efforts.

Janša said that his government had restored Slovenia's self-confidence, dignity and pride. He pointed to the EUR 12 billion negotiated from the Recovery and Development Fund, rises in wages and pensions, and record employment rate.

According to him, they have also improved friendly relations with all neighbouring countries and put Slovenia back on the European and world map.

The prime minister presented some of the key points of the party's updated programme, which had been amended in the light of the changed circumstances. These include measures to tackle demographic challenges, introduce a state pension, increase food self-sufficiency, modernise curriculum programmes, strengthen the country's defence power and invest in healthcare.

He also commented on the war in Ukraine by stressing that currently the future of our neighbourhood and Europe was being decided there. There is a lot at stake, he said, and many of those who hold the instruments to do more are not fully aware of this.

"Clearly, the developed world has not learned enough from the tragic periods of history. The Second World War was not ended at the negotiating table, but after Nazi Germany had been completely defeated and had completely capitulated," he said.

On the occasion of the SDS's 33rd anniversary, Janša said that this was just the beginning. If his party continues to lead Slovenia, the country will be among the 15 most developed countries in the world. "In seven years' time, Slovenia will be the world's most desirable destination in terms of quality of life."


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