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Janša accuses Russia of "ethnic cleansing" in Ukraine


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša has accused Russia of conducting ethnic cleansing in Ukraine as he drew parallels between the current situation in Ukraine and the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina during questions time in parliament on Monday.

"This is not just war or aggression, it is simply the ethnic cleansing of the coastal area along the Black Sea," he said, adding that the Russian army was trying to displace hundreds of thousands of people.

If this aggression is not stopped, there will not be two or three million refugees in a month but "ten or fifteen million, which is ten times the figure that Europe dealt with after the Syria war," he said, describing this as "by far the largest human tragedy after WWII in Europe."

Janša thinks the war in Ukraine will end "when Ukraine is strong enough to stop the advancement of Russian troops with all the aid it is receiving." This is also when serious negotiations will start.


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