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Public health insurer expects EUR 184m in deficit this year

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Ljubljana - The ZZZS public health insurer recorded EUR 3.64 billion in revenue, which is EUR 383 million more than in 2020. Expenditure was up by EUR 176 million to EUR 3.52 billion. This year, a EUR 184 million shortfall of revenue over expenditure is planned, said director general Tatjana Mlakar on Wednesday.

Based on forecasts by the IMAD, the government's macroeconomic think-tank, revenue is to go up by EUR 225 million this year, while expenditure is expected to rise by EUR 260 million, for several reasons, including compensation due to self-isolation because of Covid-19.

Mlakar noted that under the tenth stimulus package, the ZZZS had EUR 10 million secured for Covid isolation compensation for health workers in case own funds did not suffice. The ZZZS also has EUR 50 million secured to cover the costs institutions have with managing the epidemic. In case these costs increase as a result of pay rises in healthcare, the ZZZS has another EUR 50 million secured.

The ZZZS urged the finance and health ministries today to change the ceiling for the health purse's expenditure in line with the ZZZS's financial projection for 2022-24, and find additional sources of funding.


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