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Slovenia favours middle ground on energy supplies


Brussels - Slovenia is in favour of a middle ground when it comes to tackling energy prices, which includes common EU procurement, price negotiations and capacities, Prime Minister Janez Janša said as he arrived for the second day of proceedings at the EU summit on Friday.

"We're going to be seeking a compromise. We are in favour of free-market forces, even when it comes to the energy market, but we are not in favour of an off-hand approach in exceptional circumstances," he said.

Member states are divided when it comes to tackling high energy prices. Some, most notably Spain, advocate market intervention; others, Germany in particular, warn against such precedent.

While Janša does not think gas or oil supplies will be a problem before next winter given how much the US can provide, he said it was necessary to build storage capacity and pipelines.

Asked when Europe can wean itself off its dependence on Russian energy, Janša said this could not happen as fast as the EU wants, but it would happen "much faster than Russia wants."


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