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Delo: Better oversight solution for healthcare

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Ljubljana - Delo says the situation in public healthcare is "chaotic" as it highlights some of its recent stories which reveal the system is poorly organised, there is no oversight but huge differences in how much work individuals doctors put in, while many doctors employed in public healthcare systematically work for private health organisations.

Today we are reporting on record hours individual doctors do and get paid for, although it is in practice impossible that they would be physically present at a workplace for such a long period, Delo says in Saturday's front-page commentary.

These systemic issues have dragged on for a very long period of time and the epidemic has only worsened them while at the same time being an excuse not to tackle them.

Delo says this all leads to oversight, which is either very poor or non-existent, "which intelligent people such as doctors have eagerly abused. Not all of them, of course!"

The paper wonders how it is possible that nobody in the public healthcare system analyses monthly the effectiveness of individual doctors, as it calls for better organisation and oversight under the headline Organisation and Oversight Is the Solution, adding that with a general election next month, everyone will be again talking about healthcare as a priority.


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