The Slovenia Times

Thermo Plant TEŠ 6 reveales Slovenian Mentality


Projects of national interest, which include motorways, the "patriotic arms deal of the century" and the EUR 1bn-plus energy investment in Šoštanj, are an arena for alliances in the name of financial and indirect political benefits, the paper writes.

"The TEŠ6 tank ran over all arguments against the project, suspicions about irregularities and warnings of corruption risks," the commentator continues under "We Are the Sixth Generator".

While energy has become "the Holy Grail" for political and moneyed players due to its profitability, a new major energy project is being launched - the South Stream pipeline.

Lobbyist and political forces are already starting to gear up for the new battle at the sinkhole of public funds.

Also significant in a way is that the notorious Šentvid tunnel - another major investment that brutally illustrated the Slovenian predatory mentality - will be brought before court now, the commentary concludes.


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