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Presidents of EU supreme courts meet in Ljubljana

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Ljubljana - The board of the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union held a session in Ljubljana on Friday, which was attended by presidents of supreme courts from five EU countries, including Slovenia's Damijan Florjančič. The board was also received by President Borut Pahor.

The main topic of the meeting of the board, hosted by Florjančič, was the importance of explaining the decisions of the supreme and other courts, the Supreme Court said in a press release.

Officials agreed the main topics this year will be artificial intelligence in judiciary, respect for the rule of law and restoring people's trust in the legal system.

Germany's Supreme Court President Bettina Limperg, who chairs the board, presented the board's activities, key tasks and the current challenges of the EU justice systems to Pahor, the president's office said in a press release.

The pair stressed the importance of consistent implementation of the rule of law in all member states.

Pahor presented to the guests the highlights of the meeting of the top officials from all three branches of power which he initiated in October 2020 as the first such meeting in Slovenia's history.

Commenting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the officials discussed the consequences of the war, possibilities for ending it and for a peaceful solution to the dispute. They agreed that coordinated action was particularly important and stressed the importance of cooperation among European judiciary institutions.


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