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More than 20,000 applications for biometric IDs in just days


Ljubljana - Slovenia started issuing new IDs, equipped with a number of biometric features, on 28 March and in the first three days alone more than 20,000 applications were submitted. The applicants will however have to wait a while to get the cards.

The manufacturer has so far produced only 500 ID cars for children, which have fewer features, while adults will have to wait a while.

"A review is under way before the final confirmation of the part of the chip which holds the digital certificate. After it is confirmed, the production of all cards will start," the Public Administration Ministry said on Friday.

The chip will contain the biometric features of the holder's face and two fingerprints, however, fingerprints will only be taken from citizens older than 12.

The chip will also contain digital certificates so that the ID card can be used for electronic signatures, and once all the systems are upgraded, it could be used as a health insurance card.


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