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Slovenia, Austria Resolve Sausage Dispute


Austria will be able to continue to use its traditional labels for four types of the sausage: Käsekrainer, Schweinskrainer, Osterkrainer and Bauernkrainer, which Slovenia deems could not be mistaken for "kranjska klobasa", originating in Slovenia.

Meanwhile, the name Krainer will no longer be used for other Austrian meat products, while the names of the four sausages must not be translated into other languages.

The "kranjska klobasa" will not be subjected to these limitations and will be able to be translated as "Krainer Wurst" in the German-speaking countries, the Agriculture and Environment Ministry said on Friday.

According to the ministry, this provides a guarantee that the Austrian Käsekrainer cannot not be sold in Slovenia as 'kranjska klobasa with cheese'.

The ministry also pointed out in today's press release that the agreement would speed up the process of registration of the dish with the European Commission and serve as a model for solving possible objections by other countries.

The process of the protection of the designated origin of the sausage was launched in 2005. The ministry granted the dish a temporary protection at the national level in January 2008, while in March 2009 the bid was sent to the European Commission.

The Commission then published a notice on "kranjska klobasa" in the EU's Official Journal in February, giving member states and third countries six months to lodge an appeal. As Austria appealed, the countries had to reach an agreement.

Slovenia has already obtained special EU status for twelve of its traditional food products, including the kraški pršut prosciutto today.


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