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Jelšane could accommodate 80-100 Ukrainian refugees


Ljubljana - The Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants is preparing a facility at the border crossing of Jelšane, south-west, for Ukrainian refugees. Its director Katarina Štrukelj said that it could accept 80-100 refugees, depending on how many more arrive in the future.

The facility is not yet ready, with maintenance work currently under way, Štrukelj said on Monday.

There are 294 refugees from Ukraine at a centre in Logatec, south of Ljubljana, and another 95 at Debeli Rtič on the coast.

The Office has also opened a centre in Velenje, north-east, but it is designed as transitional accommodation.

Štrukelj said that under a government decision, all state-owned facilities can be used for refugees, and the Office will first fill these.

Interior Minister Aleš Hojs said last week that there were more than 5,800 refugees from Ukraine in Slovenia, with less than a thousand staying in state-owned accommodation centres and the rest being in private accommodation or staying with their relatives or friends.


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