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Govt secures EUR 7m for damage caused by last year's frost


Ljubljana - The government has earmarked EUR 7 million for the Agriculture Ministry to implement the programme for mitigating the consequences of damage caused by last year's frost in fruit growing and viticulture. It has also adopted a decision on the provision of aid to beekeepers due to damage suffered in 2021.

Under the decision taken at Tuesday's session of the government's economy committee, the funds to eliminate the consequences of the 5-9 April 2021 frost will be provided from the budget reserve, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) said.

The government also decided at the session to adjust the project of aid to compensate for the damage suffered in beekeeping in 2021 as part of the current plan of 2022-2025 development programmes.

The aim of the project was to improve and maintain the economic viability of the most affected beekeepers, who suffered damage due to the frost in 2021 and reduced production of honey plants, which resulted in a drop in yield and income.

The purpose of the aid was to compensate for the loss of income for 5,552 affected beekeepers and to ensure that beekeeping activities are continued with the same number of beekeepers and to the same extent as in the previous year, UKOM said.

The Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development issued 3,235 positive decisions, while rejecting 629 applications.

Last year, 3,235 beneficiaries received this financial assistance in the total amount of EUR 930,400, and appeals were submitted against 38 negative decisions.

The project has been adjusted in order to pay out in 2022 the beekeepers whose complaints have been positively resolved.


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