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New state-owned company to manage public transportation


Ljubljana - The National Assembly fast-tracked on Wednesday a bill to create a state-owned limited liability company tasked with managing the tactical aspects of passenger transportation on road and rail as a public service.

The company, headquartered in Postojna, will plan public transportation and its financing, participate in infrastructure planning and strategies, and manage the integrated mass transit tickets that Slovenia has had for several years now.

It will act as the tactical layer of public transportation management as Slovenia strives to complete a three-layer approach (strategic, tactical and operational) to public transportation.

The company will manage all financial sources earmarked for public transportation from state and local budgets, and other sources of financing. It will also be able to get commercial funding.

The government labelled the bill as the first step towards optimising the organisation and management of public transportation.

Confirming the bill in a 47:1 vote less than three weeks after it was adopted by the government, deputies said it marked the start of improvement of public transportation in the country after years of neglect.


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