The Slovenia Times

Delo calls for end to indoor mask mandate


Ljubljana - Delo calls in Thursday's front-page commentary for the mandatory use of face masks in closed public spaces to be abolished as inconsistencies are already showing with the waning of the the Covid-19 epidemic.

"The use of masks in Slovenia in closed spaces and shops is getting less frequent, and more and more people wear masks
under their noses or don't wear them at all," the newspaper notes in Thinking About Abolishing Masks.

As there is not much sense in such inconsistent use, the authorities should consider abolishing the mandatory use of face masks in closed spaces, just like an increasing number of countries have done already.

"It would also make sense to think about how much rapid antigen tests, more than 10,000 of which are taken every day, are still necessary, given that the cost for these tests are covered from the budget."

On the other hand, once all restrictive measures are abolished, some useful measures will probably stay - use of sanitisers will probably become standard, and higher hygienic and cleaning standards will be introduced in major centres.


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