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Slovenia promoting tourism in Italy with NFTs


Milan - Slovenia dipped its toes in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type of cryptographic assets on the blockchain, as a promotional tool at the Dubai Expo last year. Now, it has levered the technology to promote tourism in Italy.

At the outset of the Bit Milano 2022 on Friday, the country launched two tokens, one with the image of the capital Ljubljana and the other showing the Alpine resort of Bled. The tokens are limited to a thousand each and can be stored in users' digital wallets.

"We are convinced that tourist destinations can become much more interesting and attractive with technological progress and digitalisation in that they create new promotional opportunities," said AljoĊĦa Ota, the head of the Slovenian Tourism Office in Italy.

Non-fungible tokens are a unique digital file that can be sold and traded. They are often associated with files such as photos or video.


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