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Volunteers to plant more than 10,000 trees

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Kočevje - More than 10,000 trees will be planted at six locations around Slovenia on Saturday as part of an annual campaign to replenish forests hit by natural disasters. The campaign is being organised by SiDG, the state forests company, and its partners after a two-year break.

As part of Let's Rejuvenate Forests 2022, volunteers will be planting saplings of spruce, larch, beech, cherry, linden, oak, wild service tree, sycamore and maple.

The trees will be planted between 9am and 11am in the areas of Kočevska Reka, Škofja Loka, Trojane, Rakov Škocjan, Trnovo Forests and Kidričevo on almost five hectares.

The most extensive campaigns will take place in the area of Kočevje and around Kidričevo, where 2,400 spruce trees and 2,000 seedlings of various other species will be planted, respectively.

Volunteers have to bring their own equipment, including a pickaxe and hoe, but will be assisted by professional foresters from SiDG and the Slovenian Forest Service.

They will also be joined by the ministers of agriculture, economy and the environment.

The campaign has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Slovenian Forest Service, Ecoschool, the Association of Catholic Scouts and several companies.

The campaign was rescheduled from last Saturday due to rain. SiDG said this was good because the rain would make soil wet making it easier to plant the saplings and enhancing the chance of the planted trees to thrive than if the dry season had persisted.


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