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A fifth of Slovenians have well-developed digital competences

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Ljubljana - Digital skills of Slovenians are quite developed, shows an analysis by the national Statistics Office. Digital literacy is lowest among the elderly (65 to 74) and the unemployed. The country is still lacking in digital and data literacy and using ICT compared to the rest of the EU.

Last year, a fifth of Slovenians aged 16 to 74 had very well-developed digital skills. About 14% had no digital skills at all, with the percentage being at 45 in the 65-74 age group.

The European Commission's Digital Compass set the goal of reaching 80% in digital literacy among EU citizens aged 16 to 74 by 2030. Slovenia currently reaches 50%, 4% below the EU average. Digital literacy and competences are most developed in the 16-24 age group (63%) and least developed in the 65-74 cohort (19%).

Among the employed in Slovenia, over a third (34%) had basic digital skills (3% below the EU average), and less than a quarter (24%) had highly-developed digital competences (8% below the EU average). Nearly 6% had no digital competences whatsoever, which coincides with the EU average.

Some 13 % of the unemployed population had no such skills (bellow EU average by 3%). However the percentage of the unemployed with highly-developed digital competences was also bellow the EU average, 17 % compared to 22%.

The digital and data literacy in Slovenia is at 85%, with 15% having no such skills, which is above the EU average.

Digital skills for communication and cooperation are well in the EU average at 86% and competences for producing digital content were at 66%, coinciding with the EU average as well.

Proficiency in safely using ICT and in data protection in Slovenia did not meet the EU average (59% compared to 68%) and problem-solving digital skills slightly exceeded the average, at 81% compared to 79%.


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