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Janša calls for clear EU path for eastern neighbourhood


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša has reiterated his call for fast-tracking Ukraine to EU membership as he told the Delphi Economic Forum that the EU should do "everything it can" to help Ukraine.

"We now see that if the EU does not enlarge, somebody else will. Now we're paying the price," he told the event on Saturday according to the prime minister's office.

He said Russia's aggression on Ukraine "underlined the need to find strategic answers to strategic questions," which includes bringing Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia into the same enlargement timeline.

"Not everything can happen overnight, of course, but this is possible this decade. Realistic progress is also something that would help stabilise the Western Balkans and Eastern Neighbourhood."

"But before that we have to stop the war in Ukraine with strong military assistance combined with effective sanctions that will help stop Russian attacks," Janša was quoted as saying.

Janša has long argued Ukraine should get all the military aid possible and he repeated this in his address saying that "only military aid can save lives and stop the war".


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