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Slovenian subsidiary of Sberbank gets new supervisors


Ljubljana - The shareholders of the Slovenian subsidiary of Russia's Sberbank, which was acquired by Slovenia's largest bank NLB in March, formally decided on Monday to rename the subsidiary N Banka.

N Banka will also get a new visual identity by changing from Sberbank's green image to NLB's blue. It will operate under the new name temporarily until the two banks reach full integration, which is expected to happen within a year.

The shareholders also relieved of their duties Sberbank's supervisors and appointed new ones: Andrej Lasič, Vesna Vodopivec, Uršula Kovačič Košak, Igor Zalar and Damir Kuder.

Sberbank's operations in Slovenia were limited at the beginning of March as the West imposed sanctions on Russia following its attack on Ukraine.

This was followed by a swift takeover by NLB, with all 12 of Sberbank's Slovenian branch offices remaining operational and practically nothing changing for their clients.


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