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Govt to provide digital equipment to Ukrainian civilians


Ljubljana - The government has set aside EUR 174,000 for the purchase of digital technology and equipment intended for Ukrainian civilians. It also confirmed Slovenia's participation in NATO's enhanced forward presence in Slovakia.

Following an agreement between the Government Office for Digital Transformation and the Defence Ministry, the government has reallocated EUR 174,000 to the ministry to carry out a public tender to purchase digital technology and equipment for the Ukrainian civilian population.

The government also made the final decision today on the participation of 200 Slovenian troops in NATO's enhanced forward presence in Slovakia.

In the first phase, 100 Slovenian troops will be deployed in Slovakia, the Slovenian Armed Forces said last week. The soldiers will be ready for departure from 11 April, but the date of deployment will depend on the host country.

The government will now inform the parliamentary defence and foreign policy committees of its decision.

The Slovenian troops will take part in the Enhanced Vigilance Activities - eVA with the possibility of rotation.

The service personnel will participate in the battlegroup's activities for providing and maintaining readiness in support of NATO's defence. The group's activities will include exercises, training and other peacetime activities.

Slovenian soldiers may also be engaged in peacetime activities in other NATO countries as part of the NATO battlegroup.


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