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Slovenian food authority urges caution when buying Ferrero products


Ljubljana - The Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection has called on consumers to exert caution when buying products made by the Italian chocolate-maker Ferrero and to follow information on product recalls.

The administration was notified on the recall of all products made at the Ferrero Belgium plant on Friday through the European rapid alert system, as well as by the Ferrero distributor for Slovenia and Croatia.

The next day the administration applied checks as to whether the recalls are being implemented efficiently and whether all distribution routes to Slovenia have been identified.

In a press release, the administration says the products have also been distributed to Slovenia through other Ferrero companies.

Data on recalled products are being updated on the administration's website and at points of sale and on the websites of retail chains.

Consumers who have bought Kinder products Kinder surprise T6, Kinder happy moments, Kinder mini mix peluche T133g, Kinder surprise maxi 100g, Kinder schokobons and Kinder mini eggs are urged not to consume them but to return them to the shop they bought them or discard them.

Kinder Surprise products sold individually or in other batches should be checked for the place of production.

The Ferrero factory in Belgium was ordered to close following links to dozens of salmonella cases.


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