The Slovenia Times

Message to Slovenian Politicians: Look forward


While Slovenia - as if it had nothing better to do - is dealing with ideological questions of yesteryear, foreign investors consider us one of the most corrupt countries in the region. An unreliable bunch who will eat their words right before concluding the deal. An environment closed to investment. It is sad to listen to all this, the paper writes.

"This beautiful piece of earth does not deserve such people. It does not deserve politicians who have never in their lives lifted anything but a spoon. And it does not deserve citizens who think one can make it only by cheating.

"What it deserves is enterprising, diligent and proud people, who know how to make a business. And earn fairly. It deserves people who will consider the future and not the past just because it is easier. An environment where entrepreneurship and competitiveness are encouraged over 'national interest', cronyism and tribal ties. It deserves people who can think far ahead, not only as far as the end of their term," the daily writes under "Courage for Reason".


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