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Plans for new hospital, long-term care home confirmed

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Ljubljana - The government has confirmed plans to build a new general hospital in Gorenjska, a project estimated at EUR 305 million, and a long-term care home worth almost EUR 27 million that is to be built in the east of the country.

Both projects have been placed on the list of development programmes for 2022-2025, a designation which means that they get priority treatment in financing and permitting.

The Gorenjska regional hospital, to be fully funded by the Health Ministry, is a project that has been discussed for years due to the limited capacity of currently the biggest hospital in the region, in Jesenice, where there is no more space to expand.

Discussions have been held about the proposed location and the final selection has not been made yet. Health Minister Janez Poklukar said today that "studies are under way".

Four locations are currently under consideration: Jesenice, Blejska Dobrava, Radovljica and Kranj. The final decision will be made by the government.

Slated for completion in 2031, the hospital would have 600 beds and pool together some of the existing capacities of the region's four hospitals.

"That way we will bring the experts together and significantly raise the quality of treatment," according to Poklukar, who also spoke of better conditions for workers and more efficient management.

The long-term care home, to be built in Ptuj and majority financed from the EU's recovery and resilience instrument, would have 300 beds for the treatment of adults aged 18-65 who are completely reliant on assistance, for example patients who have suffered brain or spine injuries.

Additionally, it would serve as a backup location for Covid-19 patients in the event of pandemics such as Covid-19, according to Poklukar.


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