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Stoklas attempts 24-hour bowling to set Guinness record


Radlje ob Dravi - Uroš Stoklas, one of Slovenia's best bowlers, completed on Saturday his 24-hour bowling venture, which he hopes will enshrine his name in the Guinness World Records book.

Stoklas is a member of the Slovenian national bowling team and has won several world champion titles. He is also an ultra-marathon cyclist, having taken part three times in the Race Across America (RAAM).

He started bowling on Friday at 4pm CET, playing 24 games to end with an incredible good average result of 622.7, Jože Kozjak, co-owner of Bowling Centre in the town of Radlje ob Dravi, told the STA.

Kozjak followed the entire 24-hour endeavour, which was fully documented with video footage and timed.

Stoklas was accompanied by a number of colleagues, his current and former rivals, including Boris Benedik, Vilmoš Zavarko, Tamas Kiss, Čongor Baranj and others, as well as many bowlers from Slovenia.

He said before he started the bowling venture that after winning everything possible in world-class bowling - nine gold medals at World Championships and World Cups - he had set himself a new challenge because he never rested on his laurels.


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