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Janša visits Ukrainian charity centre in Ljubljana for Easter


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša visited the Ukrainian charity centre in Ljubljana's BTC retail park on Saturday, giving Ukrainian children Easter eggs and creating decorations with them for traditional Ukrainian bread, the government said.

The Chervona Kalyna Centre, which was inaugurated on Tuesday on the underground floor of the Emporium store at BTC City, provides Ukrainian refugees with assistance, information, material aid and a place to socialise and study.

Involving more than 25 volunteers from Ukraine, the centre is the product of cooperation of the Ukrainian embassy in Slovenia, Slovenian Caritas and BTC, the company operating the retail park, which has provided the premises free of charge.

On the sidelines of the visit, Janša told the press that there were two reasons for his visit. "The first is in expressing solidarity. The most vulnerable ones are in this centre, and I'm very happy that they are so well received in Slovenia."

The second reason is that Easter is celebrated in Slovenia and "it is a holiday that reminds us both of suffering and resurrection," the prime minister added.

"What is happening at their home, where people are dying, are without food and without care, is terrible suffering, but resurrection is also coming for them," Janša said.

The prime minister assessed that Ukrainian refugees are well taken care of in Slovenia, as a relatively small number of them had come to Slovenia, while adding that this number could increase, given that an offensive in eastern Ukraine was looming.

"Slovenia is still far from operating at the full capacity that has been prepared," Janša said, expressing satisfaction with the readiness of Slovenian families to accept children and women who are fleeing Ukraine.

The prime minister said he had also discussed with the Ukrainian ambassador how to enable Ukrainian doctors who had arrived in Slovenia to be included in the provision of healthcare to both Ukrainian refugees and Slovenians.


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