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Šarec makes one last appeal to voters to back LMŠ


Ljubljana - Marjan Šarec, the former prime minister, addressed the final event of his LMŠ party ahead of Sunday's election on Wednesday, declaring that a vote for the LMŠ was a vote for perseverance, principles, public healthcare and public education. He is convinced Slovenia's next government will be centre-left.

"We are at a breaking point and on Sunday it will be a referendum on what country we want to live in, because four more years of such a government would bring a demise of democracy," he told the event in Ljubljana's Prešeren Square.

He said the decision on Sunday would be about whether to live in a country as seen over the past two years where laws, integrity, democracy and human rights were not respected. "We don't want such a country. We want a democratic, normal country as we were used to until this government took over."

Šarec also raised the issues of corruption and unconstitutionality, which he said should have been addressed more extensively during the election campaign. He promised the new government would revoke all laws that went against democratic and constitutional standards.

What will matter in this election is not who wins but who has enough partners to form a government, said Šarec, whose party polls suggest could be squeezed out of parliament after only one term.

The LMŠ won 12.6% of the vote in the 2018 general election to emerge as the second strongest faction after Janez Janša's Democrats (SDS) in what was its debut appearance at the national level.

Šarec, a former comedian, went on to form Slovenia's first ever minority government, but stepped down in early 2020 in a bid to push for a snap election. His plan fell through and Janša formed a government.


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