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SAB will be strong member of centre-left govt, leader says


Ljubljana - SAB leader Alenka Bratušek stressed on Wednesday that the party's candidates are a responsible team who know what Slovenia needs and thus act accordingly, as she addressed the party's last major event before the general election.

She is convinced the Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) will be a strong member of the centre-left government, saying that the party had proved to be able to act in hard times.

Bratušek, who is contesting her third general election, pledged to take care of pensioners and healthcare and to put the country's public finances in order.

She said the SAB had improved its result with every election, which she also expects to happen this time; the party hopes to win 8-10 seats in the 90-seat parliament.

The SAB won five seats in the 2018 early election, and has currently six MPs after its deputy group was joined by one defector from a coalition party.

Bratušek assessed their campaigning as successful, saying people they had met over the past month trusted them, which she attributed to not shying off in difficult times.

"We do exactly what needs for be done for the country in a certain moment," said Bratušek, who was prime minister in March 2013-July 2014 during the financial crisis.

She believes the 24 April election is important as she criticised the government for dividing people, while not respecting the constitution, rule of law, human rights and not being willing to face the actual situation and macroeconomic forecasts.

Bratušek urged voters to turn out en masse on Sunday, stressing that the SAB will continue to fight for Slovenia to get back on the right track on 24 April.

Support for the SAB was also expressed by ex-MEP Ivo Vajgl, who said the party "has moral qualities that most of the parties in Slovenia lack". It has not succumbed to "kleptocratic appetites", is not involved in scandals and its members say what needs to be said.

Vajgl, a former diplomat who served as foreign minister in 2004, stressed Slovenia must remain a member of the core EU countries, arguing its place was not next to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban.

The SAB's candidates took the opportunity to highlight the key points of their election platform - food and energy self-sufficiency, green transition, the challenges in healthcare, including waiting times, as well as in the economy.


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