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Fajon says SD will be cornerstone of stability in next govt


Ljubljana - The Social Democrats (SD) will continue defending the fundamental values of social justice and democracy, SD leader Tanja Fajon said as she addressed the party's last major event before the general election in Ljubljana on Thursday. She is convinced that the SD will be the cornerstone of stability in the new government.

Fajon assessed that the SD had been a bastion of social justice, while also protecting democracy as well as public health and education, which she said was also the party's commitment for the future.

"We'll protect the social justice of Slovenia, we will guarantee that we have democracy in the country, that all people live in freedom."

Fajon believes the SD had taken a major step forward over the past two years and will be on the winning side on Sunday, saying people trusted it.

"This is no longer the party of the past, we are a combination of the old and new, experience and freshness", which can also be seen from a large share of women and youth on the lists of candidates.

The SD has a programme how to manage the state differently from the current government, and competent candidates who will make it happen, she said.

Judging by the high turnout in early voting, Fajon believes that voters want change, a new start.

She hopes that all four parties from the informal KUL coalition, apart from the SD also the LMÅ , Left and the SAB, make it to parliament and that together with the Freedom Movement party, they will form a strong government lasting the entire four-year term because today, Slovenia needs stability.


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