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Connecting Slovenia convinced of electoral success


Ljubljana - Connecting Slovenia, an alliance of five parties, expressed satisfaction with the latest polls as they wrapped up campaigning on Friday, convinced that they will enter parliament and actively shape policy in the next term.

"We're glad that the idea of Connecting Slovenia has fallen on fertile ground," said chief campaign manager Marjan Podobnik, a former MP and member of government.

He is convinced that the alliance, which bills itself as a cross-partisan centrist force, will enter parliament and "prevent radical divisions".

Connecting Slovenia brings together Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšak's Concretely party, and the non-parliamentary People's Party, Slovenian Greens, New People's Party and New Social Democrats.

They signed a cooperation agreement in February and they rank between 3% and 5% in the latest polls, well within reach of the 4% threshold to enter parliament.

Alojz Kovšca, president of the National Council and a candidate for MP, said the alliance had shown in TV debates they had competent people.

"Not only do we have potential candidates for prime minister, we also have candidates for different portfolios ... with experience in politics, business, culture, sports and agriculture," he said.

Concretely MP Monika Gregorčič added that the party would be "a very active player" in shaping policy.


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