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SDS speak of unfair campaign, wait for official results


Ljubljana - With exit polls for Sunday's general election showing the ruling Democrats (SDS) receiving 22.5% of the vote to trail the newly-formed Freedom Movement, the first reactions from the SDS mainly refer to what it perceives as an unfair game in terms of media coverage of the campaign. The party will wait for official results to comment further.

SDS vice-president Aleš Hojs congratulated the party of Robert Golob as the "relative winner", adding that the SDS would wait for the official results to comment on its performance, as the exit polls were "partly unreliable".

The interior minister said that the election campaign had been relatively difficult, as "we had practically all mainstream media against us, including the 'Czech' POP TV".

According to Hojs, one needs to look at the result of the coalition and the opposition in the election, as only these two results showed who had been given a vote of confidence. "People have apparently again bet on a new face," he said in reference to Golob.

Danijel Krivec, the head of the SDS deputy group, noted that the party had actually slightly improved on its result from the 2018 election, adding that he was surprised the voters did not recognise what the SDS had done in the past two years.

Like Hojs, Krivec too assessed that the SDS had not been in an equal position in the campaign, as some media had "accentuated the mistakes done by the party and our partners and mistakes on the other side were concealed in a way."

Božo Predalič, a member of the SDS executive council, said that the voters' decision needed to be respected, but "this is not enough, you need to put together a government and lead it for an entire term. The experience with start-up parties is known."

SDS president Janez Janša took to Facebook to thank voters, saying that "a vote for the SDS is a vote for Slovenia of all its citizens, without differences."

"A vote for the Slovenian family, a vote for Slovenian worker and pensioner, a vote for out children and Slovenian future," Janša added.

The party announced that Janša will give a press statement at 10pm in the media centre in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana.


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