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NSi hails improvement in election, will be constructive


Ljubljana - The coalition New Slovenia (NSi) is looking at an improved result in Sunday's general election compared to the 2018 vote, which party president Matej Tonin likened to "winning a medal". He noted that the NSi would likely be in the opposition in the next term, where it would be constructive as Slovenia is facing many challenges.

Addressing the press in the media centre in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana, Tonin said that "we have won the desired medal at the Olympics", referring to the party being projected to win eight seats in the 90-member National Assembly to place third.

"New Slovenia is not afraid of challenges that are ahead of us and we will, most probably in the opposition, work hard that Slovenia will be doing better in the future," he added.

If ending up in the opposition, the party will not be a "radical or disruptive opposition", he said, adding that the party had learned that "throwing spanners in the works takes you out of parliament."

NSi vice-president Janez Cigler Kralj said that the party being projected to one seat more than in the current sitting, as an "expression of great trust that we will justify."

He also welcomed the high turnout, which he said provided the party's MP seats with legitimacy, and added that "after the election it will be time to cool off our heads and sit at the same table."

According to Cigler Kralj, parties will have to overcome divisions that have recently escalated and find solutions for the future and the good of the country.

Current Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec, who again ran on the NSi ticket, also noted the improved result compared to the 2018 election. "This is a success, a huge story that grows, and is good," he added.

Vrtovec said that the voters had recognised the good work of the party's ministers and their vision for "decisive steps about what Slovenia should look like in the future". He noted that the NSi had a strong foundation, stable programme and good staff.

Asked if the party would be willing to participate in a centre-left coalition if invited, he said that the "NSi does not exclude anyone, and we will continue to do so," adding that there had been enough of exclusion in the past.


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