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SocDems satisfied over attainment of common goal


Ljubljana - Commenting on the general election results, Social Democrats (SD) leader Tanja Fajon said on Sunday her party, which came in fourth, was satisfied over "the attainment of the common goal", meaning that the new government will no longer be centre-right but centre-left. "People have been hungry for change and we must enable this change now."

She described the election outcome as an unusual situation since only a handful of parties have made it into parliament. Lauding the SD's election campaign, she told the public broadcaster RTV Slovenija the party had a plan for the future and lots of potential.

They will be a "stable factor in the new government to help ensure not just normality but also social justice and democracy".

Asked about what they expect from the election winner, Freedom Movement, including when it comes to ministerial posts, Fajon congratulated the new party and said they would first discuss this with them and not in front of the cameras. She wishes these discussions would start as soon as possible as there are many challenges ahead.

Slovenia needs a solid and stable government, she added, noting the importance of the record voter turnout. "People have been hungry for change and we must enable this change now."

Asked who are the biggest losers of the election, Fajon said there were no true losers, pointing to the highly binary situation that arose in this election, a situation that she described as "a common thing in Slovenia's quite vulnerable political environment."

Speaking with the commercial broadcaster POP TV, Fajon later said that the SD had come out of this election as a rejuvenated party. When reminded that the party has suffered a dent compared to the previous election, she said the two elections could not be compared due to the rivalry between the Democrats (SDS) and Freedom Movement that was also in the spotlight of media reports on the election campaign.

In the 2018 election the SD polled nearly 10% of the vote, whereas in this election they have dropped by some three percentage points.


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