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Golob: No need for discomfort in Slovenia-Croatia relations post-election


Ljubljana - Robert Golob, the most likely candidate for PM-designate after Sunday's general election, told TV Slovenija on Tuesday evening there was no need to feel uneasy about Slovenia-Croatia relations or open issues after the election. He reiterated his stance that the arbitration award was the basis for talks to resolve the countries' border issues.

"I think there is no need for discomfort. Of course we will strive for good neighbourly relations with all, including Croatia. But the fact is that our foreign policy will be based somewhat more on consensus and less on solo opinions of any one individual," he told the current affairs show Odmevi when asked about his stance on the open issues that tend to prompt a kind of unease and uncertainty among politicians.

Golob reiterated his party Freedom Movement's stance that the arbitration award agreement was the cornerstone for any talks attempting to resolve the open border issues between Slovenia and Croatia, a basis from which no Slovenian government "can deviate, and we have no intention of doing so either".

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Monday that it was difficult to say at this point how Slovenia-Croatia relations will develop after the election in Slovenia and departure of the Janez Janša government.

Before the election, Plenković expressed his support for Janša, with whom he shares the same European political family, the European People's Party. On Monday, he said he would do the same again, noting that Janša was his friend and that relations between the two countries had improved and relaxed considerably during the last two years.

Golob's Freedom Movement won the election in a landslide, getting a record 41 seats in parliament. The new government could be appointed as quickly as in early June.


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